Vandal tears down sticker wall near Central 505 Food Hall

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“Just yesterday the wall was covered for months by all the artists and creatives in Albuquerque,” he said.

Baker said the stick wall had only grown exponentially.

“Quite the Instagram wall, so they’ll stand in front of it using the hashtag ‘ABQ Sticker Wall’,” he said.

On Tuesday, Baker found that around 75 percent of the stickers had been peeled off.

“I’m not surprised quite that it was damaged, but I’m looking forward to it coming back and you can’t stop it, “he said.

Baker said they have no plans to track down the culprit, but they noticed some clues.

" Me noticed from a height of about two meters that none of the stickers were disturbed, so I don’t have the feelingthat it was someone who is tall, “said Baker.

Baker said he just wanted to go forward and consider the incident part of the history of the wall.

" It really was an attraction. It achieved what we wanted. We were familiar with the rubber wall in Seattle and well, gum, it’s not that appetizing, but maybe we can make stickers because real stickers are popular now. “Baker said:

Baker asks anyone who has previously put a sticker on the wall