Top Tourist Attractions in Seattle: Parking Options


From its breathtaking natural attractions to must-see cultural monuments, you will never run out of things to do in Seattle. Surrounded by mountains, lakes and parklands, this bustling city with a fascinating past and trendy neighborhoods has a lot to offer for those looking to have a good time. roadside assistance Whether you’re traveling across the country or getting to know your city better, sightseeing Seattle by car sounds like a good plan. You don’t have to worry about parking in Seattle - the sprawling metropolis has plenty of parking spaces to keep your car safe while you enjoy the best of sights and experiences. The only thing you can keep track of isif your insurance company offers

in the event of an accident.

Space Needle

Read on to learn about must-see places in Seattle and to find out where to find parking nearby.

No Seattle tour is complete without a visit to the iconic and timeless Space Needle. The 605-foot-tall, futuristic tower has always been a tourist hotspot since it opened in 1962.

Most people cannot imagine a Seattle skyline without this historic landmark. This Seattle attraction offers panoramic views of downtown skyscrapers as well as Elliott Bay and the islands of Puget Sound. In addition, the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, Mount Rainier,Mount Baker and the green forests of Seattle can hardly be overlooked from this point of view. Space Needle Located in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle,

Pike Place Market

is easy to get to by car. Make sure to pre-book passes for your visit for a hassle-free experience. Although valet parking is available at the Space Needle, you can find safe, cheaper parking near Yale Avenue and University Street in Seattle.

If you want to walk through the hustle and bustle of a local marketplace to get to know a city, the Pike Place Market is for you. You’re among some of Seattle’s oldest stores, family-owned restaurants, crafts and collectibles, antique dealers, smallholders,fresh products and much more on the different levels and corridors of the market. Don’t miss to check off the original Starbucks, the famous Gum Wall on Post Alley, and Pike Place Market’s mascot, Rachel the Piggy Bank, from your list of things to do in Seattle.

The historic Pike Place Market is built on the edge of a steep hill overlooking Elliott Bay and is located between Pike Street and Virginia Street. As you drive through, you won’t miss the iconic market sign. Parking in Seattle may seem expensive in the downtown area, but affordable Seattle parking can be found on Seneca Street and Pine Street near Pike Place Market.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Lose yourself in the spectacular gardens and glass displays of this one-of-a-kind Seattle attraction. The greenhouse and garden showcase the incredible work of glass artist Dale Chihuly and will inspire you with the graceful grandeur of the sculptures in a natural setting.

There are eight galleries to explore; One of Chihuly’s largest sculptures is hung in the greenhouse and changes color when sunlight falls over it. You can also have pizza and wine outside in the garden while watching a glassblower at work.

There are daily tours and lectures, as well as video presentations to tell you more about the artist.

In the Seattle Center, right next to the Space Needle,Chihuly Garden and Glass are on the must-see must-see places in downtown Seattle. You can park your vehicle in one of Seattle’s cheaper parking lots on 3rd Avenue or Yale Avenue.

The best places to tour in Seattle Olympic Sculpture Park Locals spend their time at

, just like the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle. The outdoor sculptures and indoor pavilions managed by the Seattle Art Museum are open to the public year round.

Located on the edge of Elliott Bay near the tourist hotspots in downtown Seattle, Olympic Sculpture Park is the ideal place to relax after a busy day of sightseeing.

Take a stroll along the beach here,with the Seattle skyline on one side and Puget Sound on the other. And don’t forget to get an idea of ​​the city’s skyscrapers towering over the Space Needle.

Discovery Park

Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park is located on Western Avenue, near the Seattle Center and Pike Place Market. You can easily find cheap parking in Seattle nearby on Seneca Street or Pine Street.

Less than 20 minutes from downtown, Discovery Park in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle is a wonderful escape from the cityscape. Forests, cliffs, beaches and prairies make up the landscape, which extends over more than 500 hectares.

At the western end of the park, West Point Lighthouse juts out into Puget Sound with a magnificent view of the mountains and the Islands of Sound. Hiking trails criss-cross the park, including the three-mile Discovery Park Loop Trail awaiting active visitors.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEATAC)

SEATAC Airport is 14 miles south of downtown Seattle and is a major hub and international haven. Independently of,Whether you’re a Seattle local or a visitor, chances are you can fly to and from SEATAC Airport to domestic and international destinations served non-stop by more than 30 airlines.

Killing time while waiting for your flight or stopping over could be like a getaway to the many attractions and amenities of SEATAC Airport, starting at the bright and open Central Terminal and watching the planes fly to one side Lift off behind the window wall.

Paid, on-site SEATAC parking Shop in the high-end boutiques and retail stores or try the local dishes in the restaurants. The Terminal and Hall B have great works of art for you to admire. And if you just want to relaxtry the massage bar at the North Satellite or a live concert at the terminal.

A Trip to Remember

is available at the airport. You will also find affordable parking near International Boulevard.

Rich in culture and heritage, abundant natural wonders, fine dining, and a city vibe that will keep you amazed, all the things to do in Seattle will keep you busy for a day or more.

See Now:While experiencing all that the vibrant city has to offer, make sure you don’t worry about how to get around. Explore the comfort of your own car! Just make sure you book your Seattle parking spaces in advance to avoid getting stuck during peak hours.