Explore the pasta-bilities: 4 places to get the best fresh pasta in Seattle

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restaurants Fresh Italian-style pasta is exactly the type of food that draws people to

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Unfortunately, the a la minute style of cooking that is best for quickly cooking and saucing these fresh noodles is poorly used to take away, so many local pasta professionals are quickly turning to a new business model: selling fresh pasta so people can cook at home - often with accompanying sauces.

Mixtape Pasta

These local pasta mixers open up hungry home cooks with their online and on-site stores,selling Seattle’s finest fresh noodles, a world of high quality meals.

Megan Barone of Mixtape Pasta A long-standing face in the local food and wine industry, former cookery teacher and wine sales manager Megan Barone faced the challenges of the pandemic by creating what is known as a Community Supported Noodle Culture, a rotating weekly selection of pastas and sauces. Barone’s creativity determines the menu with pasta such as Mafaldine, which is breathtakingly green in color with parsley and nettles, and seasonal rigatoni dotted with black pepper, which can be combined with pesto rosso made from wintering chicory. Megan Barone of Mixtape Pasta

Courtesy Mixtape Pasta Mixtape’s Selling a blend of extruded vegan batter and smooth egg-based rolled batter, run in the Marseille kitchen, the wine shop at Melrose Market. You can regularly buy

Nood Pasta Nood Pasta pasta from neighboring Rain Shadow Meats, but the CSA-like element Barone derived the concept from means it can be found on Tuesdays in four Seattle locations - Wallingford, Georgetown, Capitol Hill, and West Seattle - or on Announces new types of pasta for pickup in Tacoma Sunday.

Nood Pasta

Courtesy of Nood Pasta Instagram When Leah Jaffe was Sous Chef for Stoneburner in the days leading up to the pandemic,she made the pasta for the restaurant and its numerous sister companies. When she became unemployed, she opened her personal pasta portfolio on Instagram and started selling her creations to friends. At the moment, business is done exclusively through

Pasta Casalinga Pasta Casalinga and Venmo, with customers picking up the fantastic selection of artfully shaped noodles at Ballard at set times. But by summer, she will have a permanent location in an upcoming Capitol Hill store (more on that in a moment). In the meantime, it’s worth getting your hands on their tender tajarin and rich dungeness crab ravioli with brown butter and celery root puree and togarashi before the crowd descends and you wait in line for the Israeli lamb capaletti or kabocha pumpkin -Gnocchi have to wait.

Pasta Casalinga

Courtesy Pasta Casalinga small shop Despite being famed for the freshness of both the pasta and the sauces - many made with ingredients from other Pike Place Market vendors - the pasta counter has been reformatted after being closed for two months at the start of the pandemic to offer frozen food Pasta dishes like their beloved lasagna so customers can bake at home. Although the “Take Me Home” selection now runs alongside the regular dine-in service that has since returned, the

La Medusa La Medusa above the atrium remains one of the best places to have a simple starter of fresh pasta and deeply flavored sauces to enjoy. They also offer a variety of their fresh pasta and sauces, including the seasonal pasta on the ever-changing menu, such as moose ragout and ragù sardo.

La Medusa

While the Courtesy of La Medusa Columbia City’s